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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
.......There is no good reason I have ever found that cheating is a good idea and forgivable. It ends in nothing but heart ache for everyone involved and prolongs problems that should just be dealt with and tied up
Hey RP,

Awwww right you <grin>

Not letting you get away with a statement like THAT !

Somebody has to represent reality and logic. We've all seen and had way to much discussion on "cheating" - even on here - for anyone to come away with the belief that cheating is never desirable and never forgivable.

Cheating, as undesirable as it is, is a fact of life & relationships in our current culture. Better to not over react to it, accept it as just one phase of learning about how to have a HEALTHY relationship, and get to work (physically and emotionally) on building those skills. People make mistakes. They do it because it was the best way they could come up with to deal with a situation at the time. The silver lining isn't in condemnation but education.

So there <grin>

But that's all off topic. Sorry.

Does anyone but me remember the time when cell phones etc were used primarily or almost exclusively for EMERGENCY purposes (or necessary business functions for primarily mobile jobs)

This is a cultural shift that to me borders on sick & destructive. We can't be in 37 places at the same time, have 37 different, unrelated conversations and really put our best effort and focus into ANY of them !
So why even try ?
Believe it or not, there was a time when we looked people in the eye, had a REAL conversation, finished and moved on to whatever was next in our day or night. The world survived. Moved along quite nicely without our attention.
As others have mentioned, the whole concept of being interrupted by an electronic watchdog during a personal interaction is simply rude & ignorant. Uncaring.

On the other hand, the "gizmo" has the advantage of being easily ignored. Much easier than a rude person. It has an OFF button ! Or a silence one. Try using it ! And try telling ALL your contacts that they are not to under any circumstances try to contact you unless it's critical or an emergency. Because if they do you will be equally rude to them and either hang up or ignore them. And an "emergency" does NOT consist of what cool thing they just saw or that they are in a pissy mood.
Save it for when we see each other.

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