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I think with any living situation, a family or an individual needs to do whats right and most conscious of their needs/desires. Cohabitation is absolutely not for everyone, but for some, it is both a wise & sensible choice.


I learn something new everyday. I did not know that about BC, Canada. Interesting. In California, it seems like cohabitation should be a more utilized option. Finding feasible housing for lower-income families is very difficult in this state, so I think it is worth considering at a minimum.


I understand your point about the dynamics of a couple/family owning a house and then welcoming in another individual/family. It is just not the same.

This might be a personal question, but have you and sam considered having a baby? If it is too personal, I apologize. Just wondering.


I may have been a bit oversweeping with my generalization/characterization about poly people, but from my personal experiences, it seems like poly folks are more apt to moving away from the "traditional" and welcome new ideas with open arms. (Generally)

You are right, poly folks do not have to take up any more crusades, but cohabitation is a practical solution to a growing problem in some places. So it would not just be a crusade for the sake of crusading; rather, it actually has the potential to make a difference in the lives of people who might need a solution. I could give two craps about being an activist; however, I do care about helping those in need, especially families without a father and are vulnerable in every sense of the word. Cohabitation could make a difference to these families, and this is my primary interest in it. I am working with getting a nonprofit organization off the ground, and I think charity is a worthy cause that both poly folks and non poly folks should do. I can live my life just as peacefully while contributing my efforts to those with genuine needs.


Maybe I am just oblivous to the world lol, but I am still amazed by this trend in Alaska and with Russians. I was recently talking with a friend, who lives in Houston, Texas and he mentioned to me a cohabitation project called HAUS, ever heard of it? Just curious. I do not know much about it at the moment, but I am going to do some more research.

Additionally, haha 9 cars parked in front and 5 more on the side... Sounds like a trip. 12 people? Wow, pretty impressive. Was that very challenging?


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