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Originally Posted by XaNaToS View Post
.......... My biggest problem is the thought of another man touching her while im off all alone. Is this something that a person who feels so against the physical aspects of this can actually get over?
Hi Xanatos,

Well - although your concern with the physical aspects may feel like the biggest fear right now, I suspect if you really dig deeper you'll discover it's more than that.

But being at peace with the physical stuff (sex) is probably the easiest part to get in perspective. It's a great place to start though.

Sex is a physical process and need. (yea - I know someone who will say it's more - topic for another time). Think of it like having your favorite meal or diving into cool water on a hot day. Physical pleasure and satisfaction. Nothing more.
So what's the big deal ? Would you seriously restrict your mate froma wonderful dinner or getting cooled off ? I don't think so. In fact, you probably feel good for her.

Therin lies the key to keeping sex in the proper perspective. It's JUST sex ! Whoooo Hooooo Be happy and pass the towel.

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