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While I can appreciate that point of view, tinylove, there is nothing more important to me in my life than the people I love. Since she is the one I love above all others, I have no real reason to think about anything else. There is nothing and no-one I'd rather think about than her.

I have hobbies and interests, but she rises above them all. I like music, I like computers, I like video games and spaceships and reading and doing research, but none of them can hold a candle to her. None of them can hold my interest like she does. That is why I asked her out in the first place. That is why I married her. Because never since I first met her had I been able to stop thinking about her. Finally a person worth sacrificing things for, rather than having to pretend and/or try to sacrifice for people who weren't more fulfilling than personal time.

She is worth more to me than anything in the universe. Even the universe itself. I could be happy spending the rest of my life exploring her space, and never need to explore outer space. I would never have to mix another song, read another book, watch another movie, play another game, build another machine, fix another computer, or anything, so long as I have her. She captivates me in a way nothing I have ever experienced can. She fulfills me in a way no previous lover and nothing I have ever done, eaten, or made has.

That's why I'm having such a hard time with this. In my previous long-term (3 years) relationship, I was okay doing other things. I could focus on my music, or my building things, or reading, or whatever, and not feel bad. But now I can't.

My wife is on a level so beyond anything or anyone else I have ever seen or met, that spending time mixing music, making a crowd dance, connecting with hundreds of strangers in each fleeting moment of ecstasy is about the only thing that comes even close...but it's still miles off-course.

I have tried to spend time by myself, or even with other people, doing things, but all I want and all I think about is her.

But, tinylove, I feel it would be unfair to you to not listen to your opinion, and to not let you know that you did get through to me. I will endeavour to think of other things, but I wonder if I won't feel worse because of it. It's worth a shot, yeah?

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