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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
All I meant was that I don't want to live with a lot of people, especially if there are a bunch of poly situations and drama over who's fucking who going on!
This I understand. I grew up in a very crowded home with 5 other people and 3 cats. I had my own bedroom at my grandmother's, but only stayed there part time. Otherwise, I've always shared a bedroom. I love living with my husband and son, but we all need space and typically can spend several hours in different rooms on different levels of the house. I wouldn't mind living next door to Wendigo, his wife, or his son and we have had interactions with them at social events, but I would not want to live with him/them or more than 2 other people ever again unless we had some really huge Victorian mansion. I am very anti poly drama, but am friends with or at least like my metamours because they are all people we met through our various social circles before becoming involved with each other. (You'd be surprised at the overlap between poly, kinky, geeky, and gamer social circles in upstate NY). This isn't a requirement on my end, but it is something I enjoy because it's always nice to spend time with generally like minded folks.
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