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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Yeah, a "family environment" would feel like a prison sentence to me.
Originally Posted by vanquish View Post
Exactly. I think a lot of people bring their mono/nuclear family/breeder ideas over to the poly world and want to impose them. That's fine if that's what you and yours want for your relationship, but not everyone wants to just keep expanding their family group. Some people want to keep metamours separate and enjoy different relationships with different people.
I wasn't thinking only of a nuclear family with children when I said "family environment." Yes, I am child-free by choice, and have been all my life, but I don't call every person who has children "breeders" because that's just rude and obnoxious, even though many people have children for all the wrong reasons IMHO.

Lots of people want a poly tribe/family, but that doesn't necessarily mean parents, co-parents, and a passel of children. I am a solo and enjoy living alone. Being an introvert, I cherish my privacy and ability to come and go whenever and wherever I want, without checking in with other people or having my personal space invaded. All I meant was that I don't want to live with a lot of people, especially if there are a bunch of poly situations and drama over who's fucking who going on!
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