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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Sorry that guy didnt work out, Cindie. He sounded fun! Good luck with the next 2.
Thanks! About my two potentials:

One is someone from OKC. I recently changed my photos so that my face is obscured just as an experiment to see if anyone would write me if they can't fully see what I look like. This guy did, and we've had a few nice (but short) convos over this last week, but he lives a little bit outside the city. We haven't exchanged contact info yet, but I think we should do that soon (it has happened a few times that guys I start conversing with on OKC suddenly disappear off the site and we lose touch). He did say that he thinks I am different from most of the women on OKC and he already feels like he'd like to meet me. He told me, "poly works in my world." So, we'll see.

The other is a fix-up which probably won't happen until another few weeks. He just started a new job and met one of the women I work with through Match. They had a nice online friendship for a few months, never met in person, and then lost touch for a few months because she started seeing a few guys and he was unemployed and really needed to focus on finding work. After he landed the job, he contacted her again, but she is now in a serious mono relationship, so they just had lunch together to catch up as friends. She told me he is incredibly nice and very cute, and thinks he and I would hit it off. She asked me first, then asked him, and we are both interested! Once he feels a little more settled in at the new job, he told her he will stop by our workplace to see her, and meet me, then maybe all three of us will go out for drinks and/or dinner.

On another note, the other day, I ran into Dreamy near where I work! OMG, he is as hunky as he ever was! We had met on OKC when we were both freshly separated, and we dated (and fucked each other's brains out) for about 2 months or so. That was near the end of 2010 and into early 2011. Then his sister passed away, he started seeing a couple other women who lived closer to him, and he told me he just wanted to be friends. We've stayed in touch verrrry sporadically, but wow, it was great to see him. He kept saying, "This is a nice surprise," hugged me twice, and expressed wanting to have coffee or lunch with me sometime. I don't know what his relationship status is now - was a little afraid to ask - other than his divorce was finalized. He's a big bear of a man, and hot-hot-hot, but genuinely a nice person, so it would be nice to have him in my life in any form.

Okay, to stay on topic - how am I doing? Good! Lost 4 lbs on my first week back with Jenny Craig, spring is coming, the possibility of sex is in the air, la-di-da!
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