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Hi Polycuriouss,

I don't have much time right now but I wanted to pass on some quick thoughts.

I love the fact that you are so honest in being worried about falling in love with someone else and possibly leaving your boyfriend. Does he understand your concern for this? If you are mono in the way I am it is a very real concern. I have never been able to intimately love more than one person. One love has always replaced the next for me. This is not as theory of mine, it has been tested. That does not mean this will happen to you though. You simply need to accept and communicate this possibility to your boyfriend. There is also the possibility of maintaining a mono/poly relationship such as the one I have with Redpepper.

Sometimes you just have to challenge yourself and see what develops…nothing ventured, nothing gained is the saying I believe.

Being aware of the possibilities is the most important thing...eyes wide open at all times my friend.
Take care

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