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Originally Posted by Ryan3232 View Post
Very interesting, learn something new everyday.

To be more clear, are the families cohabiting in Alaska typically Russian immigrants? Or, did you mean, both families in Alaska & Russian immigrants live together.

Also, is there more to it than money? How did you know this? Haha, I am intrigued.

Depends upon where in Alaska-but cohabiting families is common enough I can easily name a dozen households I know of in our neighborhood. With the Russian's it's almost expected.

How do I know this-because I've lived here since 1978. It's OBVIOUS, you can't miss it if you live here.

My bf works for a company that often hires the Russians. They will all be at one phone number, because they all live together. Extended family doesn't move out or move on, they just build bigger space.

All about money, probably not. Probably also about family, keeping close to people who speak your language. Shrug
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