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Also, if I opened myself up to loving more than one person romantically, then I couldn't say things like "you're the special-est (not a doctor)" or "you're the best in the world," because that would be showing a preference for one over the other...and I kind of like saying things like that, and I know my wife loves hearing them. I'm pretty sure if she heard me say them to somebody else and mean it, she would be hurt.

I wanted to add here, that what i feel for each of my partners is unique and diffrent so i can honestly turn around to R and say that "I have never felt this way about anyone before" becuase i mean it, even if i am in love with C what i feel for them both is so diffrent,

didn't someone make this quote here once and i loved it about loving someone the bluest and someone the reddist,

i think that sums it up well

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