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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Er, what are you getting at, exactly? Your questions are not making sense to me. Combining poly and mono households would "improve the effectiveness and viability of" what? Sharing a home? I don't see the correlation. People who need to save money by sharing a house will seek out others. If two households find each other, the adults in charge will hopefully interview perspectives and check references before jumping into any commitments with them. If they get along, great. If not, find someone else. I don't know how this has anything to do with a group's chosen approach to relationships. If a poly family (or any family) wants to live in a communal type situation, like an intentional community, the process is similar. They are out there and one just has to do their research.

How often do two households seek out each other for co-habitation?

Cohabitation is not an option lots of families seek out because they don't even realize it exists as a viable and cost effective option!

So, my point with poly folks considering these options is to say that an effort needs to be made from somewhere, why not be poly folks ,who are generally more tolerant and open to non-"traditional" type dynamics, be the ones to lead the charge?

I am not saying there is a correlation, but I do not know many monogamous families who would consider co-habitation as even an option.

In California, there is a very troubling problem of housing shortages for people, so it is something to be addressed. I am just inquiring into other people's thoughts and options. Does that make sense?

I appreciate someone challenging and pressing me, I really do. But, respectfully, I disagree that people who need to save money will seek out other families. There are no statistical numbers to support that assertion. It simply is not true at this point, despite the fact that I wish it was the reality. I am absolutely encouraging the idea, however I do not think it is being utilized enough.

If you have something to back that up, please share it because I would like to read a credible article explaining an increased trend for families to seek co-habitation.


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