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Dagferi, I am sure it would have helped if I had elaborated more into what I am actually doing for her... So here I go...

I am not contacting people on her behalf nor am I her pimp! LOL.

She is even more busy than I am at work, so I do some preliminary research on my own so when we sit down TOGETHER, we are able to make the most of that time.

She is not actively looking for multiple sexual partners; rather, she is looking multiple lovers in a fulfilling, loving, and trustworthy relationship. It is not easy to find, so it requires effort and precision.

I am going to assume your "yuck" and "pimp" reference was light-hearted because 1) you don't have all the facts and 2) I am appreciative of your comments.

With that being said, I would ask that you please pause before making potentially judgmental comments.

Regardless, I do agree she does need to find her own partners, but finding someone together helps increase the communication and openness of the situation IMO.

Youarehere, thank you for the feedback. That is very helpful because I am trying to make the most out of the resources I am using. Much appreciated!
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