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1) Youarehere, what do you think of the yahoo mailing lists? Is that the same as the yahoo groups? I just joined a yahoo group called "Expansive Loving", accepted yeterday.,/info

2) Dagferi; I do like your style, but unfortunately, I am have been very at work and I do not see it letting up for the foreseeable future so it is difficult to go out into "the wild" without having a prior meeting/date set-up. I am actually doing all of this because the partner I am falling for, Melissa, is much more experienced with poly than I am, and I want to do everything in my capacity to help her find complete fulfillment. I am poly as well, but the relationship that is evolving is going to be polyandry, so I am trying to do my part to help seek out potential partners for her.

Generally, in regards to poly sites, what kind of features/set-ups do people enjoy? I have compared BeyondTwo, Ok Cupid, and I am starting to look over plenty of Fish, so I am curious as to your insights.

As I briefly mentioned above, I would like the whole package; being able to find potential poly partners, for Melissa, while also having the ability to easily connect and chat with like-minded individuals. I do not think I am going to be able to do that on Ok Cupid. I think it is very possible with Beyondtwo because of its friendly set-up. I have also started checking out Fet Life for poly partners; they have some groups, but I am not sure.

Any feedback/comments/reactions is appreciated!

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