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Originally Posted by vanquish View Post
Like they've said, it depends on what you're looking for.

My much younger partner hipped me to what's going on amidst the dating apps, which she enjoys browsing, if only for new friends and the occasional possible date.

Tinder - the straight person's version of Grindr, a gay hookup app. Tinder is basically an app where you make a choice whether you think the person is "hot or not", meaning hot enough to meet. If they are a mutual match, y'all can start chatting. The unspoken rule of Tinder is that it's for hooking up/sex, after a few casual dates first. Beware though, youth and beauty are required to be successful. Or at least a picture of a dog in your profile

OkCupid - again, a young audience, but more of a relationship seeking app.

Plenty of Fish - much older, more world-weary audience. You're going to find members here who are mostly 30-60s, have at least one kid, and who are looking for something long term. Nothing wrong with any of that of course.

Skout and DateHookup are kind of a mix of OkC and PoF, but with much fewer users.

As for poly-dating specifically, I'm not the expert. Sorry.


Thanks for the reply.

Since I am of the "hip" crowd since I am 25 and relatively connected to apps, I can verify some of your younger partner's insights. I have a friend few who utilize tinder, but the problem to tinder, it seems to only be for hooking up.

Of all my friends, I do not know a single one who actually started dating a girl from tinder, just sex, which is fine. However, I am generally interested in developing longer, more fulfilling relationships. As enjoyable and pleasurable sex is to me or anyone else, there has to be more. Plus, haha I would never trust tinder with a 10 foot pole.

I am curious as to more about your story, how did you and your partner(s) meet?

I have started using Beyondtwo & Ok Cupid; so far, I like Beyondtwo because it seems like both a dating & social networking site and Ok Cupid appears to be more of a dating site, as you have mentioned. Either is fine, but I would love the complete package in a website! Is that too much to ask?! haha kidding, sort of.

What are your thoughts on plentyoffish? I am not familiar with that site? I will be looking it up and comparing/contrasting it to some of the other poly sites while awaiting responses!


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