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general response to your question, just my situation....a year in we are both very comfortable and happy. It had tis up and downs, he threatened to call it off a few times, or be mono and polyfriendly, (I asked to be poly first). But with lots of talking, dating, respecting each others wants and needs we are both very happy. That is in part that he has finally gotten some partners, it was tough I already had one he was coming to terms with and had to find some of his own. hardest thing for me was not feeling guilty I had something he didn't. They are great friends now, they hang out when im not even with them. It took time, talking. Will it take a year for you? I dunno, but in my experience i'd say the first year is the hardest.

Now for my boyfriend, it was going ok before he had any partners...then he found me and well, it was harder. but that's their story.
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