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Default advice on talking to the kids

I know its been raised many times, but i'd still like to start a convo on talking to the kids. We have three, 8. 5.5 and 3. They know and love Nudge, and Nudge and J are good friends.

The other day Nudge and I drove the kids to school, my eight year old son says "Mom, do you love Nudge more than daddy?" I replied "of course not, I love daddy very much" he replies "but you just called Nudge 'babe'" I said "uh...I call them both babe." he replied "I don't get it"

So its time for a talk. ive tried to already start impressing on them that we have very close friends, we casually saying one of us is on a 'date' so it becomes a normal occurrence, but obviously society has taught him I should love ONLY his father. How much do you tell and eight year old? That its ok to love multiple people? I don't want to go the route of their being different kinds of love, because I share the same "type" of love for Nudge and J. they are pretty much co-primaries.

Advice? Suggestions?
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