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Chops has had varying degrees of success with OKC. He's on some of the Facebook poly groups, but I think they're not his cup of tea, as many of the groups on FB tend to be a bit "meat markety".

He's also used to find a local poly discussion group he enjoys - less focus on dating and more focus on talking.

Your mileage may vary - I think Xena enjoys the FB-based local meetup groups more than Chops does.

As I'm mono in a poly world, I get intimidated by the in-person poly groups. Instead, I pretty much go online to relate to other folks in poly relationships (here, and the Yahoo mailing lists for mono/poly relationships).
Dramatis personae:
Me: 46/F, Divorced with 2 kids, 2 cats, fish, a tarantula, and a 1930s house with many projects.
Chops: 47/M, Partner of 6 years, lives half-time with me, half with Xena.
Spinner: 52/M, Friend I've been on a few dates with. Divorced, Mono, wrapping his head around it all.
Xena: 47/F, Chops' other nesting partner of 6 years
Curls: 50/F, Chops' partner of 1 year

Supporting Characters:
Choplet: Chops' son
DanceGirl: My oldest daughter
Pokégirl: My youngest daughter
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