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Originally Posted by tinylove View Post
They didn't have much to talk about it as she just hasn't experienced as much as us.

Plus he told me how much he realizes we are best friends , how he actually missed me the whole time .

I respected his time with her and didn't call or text him. He said they really didn't have much to talk about and all he wanted was to text me and call me.

Krazykitty try not worry. I worried myself sick about it and then nothing even really happened. Remember nothing can replace YOU ever.

I think the best thing ever that I did was talk to someone here about it and get advice from other people. I read some great articles and in the mean time spent some time with myself and just loving me.

Everyone hear has such great advice . I love how I can come here and vent and then get all these great responses and advice from people who know the ropes.

Thank you so much everyone
well, there you go. This is what my experience is. Even with the most enlightened younger people I find I just get bored and they seem like a blank slate to me, rather than rick and full in their lives. Anything more than about 5-7 years younger for me and that is how I end up feeling.

I said to someone recently that was about 22 that the time of their life they are in is going out and experiencing the world. Sometimes having good times that alter who they are in a positive way and sometimes creating the baggage that my age group is left to deal with and become enlightened from later in life. Sure, someone at 22 can be enlightened, and that is a wondrous and lovely thing, but it isn't the same somehow as someone who has lived and wallowed in their shit for numerous years and comes out of it shining and rich. It's hard to explain.... still mulling it all over for myself.

Of course I am finding reasons to be happy with my age and not meaning to sound like I don't respect those that are younger... just as someone who is younger would find reasons to to be happy with their age... reasons to understand how they fit so to speak. I thought I better clarify that.

Now, don't get me wrong, it is fun to hang our with younger people and be friends with common interests, but beyond that I just can't seem to find any long term good reason to be partnered with younger people. I know that people do, I just can't seem to find it for myself. Not that I am avidly looking, just interested in this, in me.

Some wonder why I should have a long term goal, but really when it comes to partners I do. Full stop. That is the aim, although a ride along the way is fine too.

I am intrigued by the age thing lately, thanks for this thread.

Glad that you came to a sense of self love and realized your worth tinylove! So inspiring!
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