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Originally Posted by juber View Post
Thank you for the reply Polybynature.

That was my consensus as well. Also - I didn't make it a "rule" I don't have that authority. I made a request and did tel her that if she felt uncomfortable with either request I would find a way to deal with my misgivings.

After about a week, and after posting here I came to exactly the conclusion you brought up. I was being sexist and unreasonable. A few days later I spoke with the eife and told her I was dropping my request and I explained why.

To be completely honest I'm still a little nervous about how I will feel if she ever is interested in another man, but we'll continue to communicate and be supportive and I'll find a way through the feelings. The thought does not distress me the way I thought it would and I think things are going to be okay

Thanks again for your reply.
Ok so I DID go back and read after writing to you, sorry I now see you'd already said you'd changed your mind You really sound like you are working through this, and with your partner, very well. Mad props.
The first few times are the hardest....even being poly for over a year, and having two lovers/partners, and being used to my spouse having other women, my BF had his first partner besides me recently and it through me for a loop. I feel insecure, a little jealous, I needed him to reassure my place and his desire for me and we worked through it together. Hang in there
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