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PunkRockAwesomesauce was having some stress on Tuesday, so he came over later on in the evening for some snuggles. He spent more time talking to me than he ever had before - letting out all of his concerns and worries. It was nice to be needed. I think just listening really helped him. At least, I hope it did!

We discussed more about him moving in, and we are going to move forward with the idea, but it is still a couple of months out.

I got a text yesterday about his brother - PunkRock let him know he is planning on moving out. I didn't get many details, just that it went well. PunkRock is coming over this evening so I will hear it all then.

DarkKnight stayed up late last night while I was out at trivia, so I could come home to his open arms and be held. Usually he is snoring away when I get back from a night out with my friends, but he wanted to hug me and hold me and that was awesome. He is very much a hands-off type of guy when sleeping - he rolls over on his stomach and doesn't like to be touched. So it was great that he took time to not only stay up past his regular bedtime to see me, but to wrap himself around me and give me the touch I always crave. He wasn't horny, he just wanted to show me his support and love.

I am really tired - yesterday was pretty crazy for me. I hosted a teen book club at my house with minimal planning ahead of time, which turned into a Zombicide game which lasted an hour over what was planned for the book club. Then I had to grade chemistry quizzes. After that, I was done and took a nap until it was time to meet my friends. Today is pretty busy too - I am taking my daughter for her first driving lesson and then I teach two classes at co-op in the afternoon, before heading back to my house to teach two labs to my chemistry kids. Then, PunkRockAwesomesace will be here! I am excited to see him.

I need sleep! Probably won't get much though - PunkRock and I are still tearing each other's clothes off all night long.
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