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You never realize how much a child can change your life, until you have one. Everything is amazing with A, myself, and the little one. M now wants to be friends. Thats all. I don't need the friendship or anything else from that, though we do talk at work and leave it at that. Had to let her know no more personal talk only things work related and things about tv. She still tries to pry but its snipped out and returned to work related conversation. Still trying to figure out what is up with my stomach. That's a fun journey. Sarcasm lol. Couldn't be more happy with my family. I do think bout benefits of poly A and myself have the conversation on a regular basis. We talk more and share so we have grown in some great aspects. Will see where everything takes us. Its been a while since I posted. Sorry bout that, a baby takes up a lot of time. You have staring for all hours no sleep cause of more staring, and admiring all things baby. Then there is a crap job. So yea lots going
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