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Default Needs some help

Hello everyone im new here and well i guess im having a few issues understanding what im supposed to do next. my wife of 10 years has had issues with depression for years and about 2 years ago she found out that she was poly and that she had met someone online that she had fallen in love with.Well i took it very hard and because i was so apposed to the idea of having to share her it eventually broke us up....we were apart for almost a year but our feelings for each other never changed and we got back together. Over the last month or so now she met someone new and i fear that it will end up the same way if i dont get help figuring out how to deal with it. My biggest problem is the thought of another man touching her while im off all alone. Is this something that a person who feels so against the physical aspects of this can actually get over?
I love her with all of my heart and quite honestly cant live without her but i know that me saying that she cant explore her feelings is going to cause a huge ammount of resentment in our like nothing more than to tell her im fine with everything i just dont know how to get all the bad feelings inside to stop.If anyone can lend me some good advice i really would love to hear it...thanks
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