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Default would you talk to me?

Hallo, this is a rather unorthodox posting but I hope nobody will object.
I am here because I am writing a book about living styles for the 21st century, and I am particularly interested in how people strive to have stronger relationships and to maintain central home based relationships, while meeting their needs for individualism.
Clearly polyamory is one such way and the person(s) I would love to hear from are those who have a strong central relationship: married or not, with child(ren) and where they have accomodated poly relationships within their lifestyle but in a way that does not impinge on or harm the central relationship or home life of children.

I have in fact some knowledge of polyamory as I wrote an article for the Guardian some years ago on polyamory under my writing name Angela Neustatter (altho I don't think it comes up under my google entry).

I do hope there is someone who would be willing to share their experience of the above with me.
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