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Re (from Magdlyn):
"Kevin, does Snowbunny only have sex with B-H when you're out, or are you okay knowing they are sexing when you're home?"
I think that in theory I'd be fine with knowing they were sexing when I was home. Heh, and I'm at home enough that I have to conclude that they do just that. It must not be very loud though, and my bedroom (the room I'm in like 99% of the time) is at the opposite side of the apartment (seems like a house to me).

Their sex life is a bit mysterious in a way. B-H doesn't get in the mood for it very often. From what I hear, they only have sex a few times a year. Who knows when these rare encounters occur? Could easily be while I'm asleep.

Snowbunny (S-B? ) tells me she doesn't get much out of her sex with B-H. Something like a 25% chance of an orgasm for her per encounter. I guess you could say she was less than satisfied before I was brought into the picture. Point is, I'm guessing she doesn't get nearly as vocal with him as she does with me. Which sounds like I'm bragging, but I'm just saying, I'll bet that's (one reason) why I never hear anything.

Not that he's not missing out in his own way. He has certain fetishes that are not her cup of tea and therefore she doesn't really encourage and indulge him like he probably wishes she would. So while he doesn't seem to be in the Fifth Layer of Hell over it, it's probably at least one reason why his libido doesn't roll very fast. From what she's told me, I don't imagine their encounters last very long, and they probably aren't much of a production.

[shrug] Which isn't the end of the world, and in fact is one example (in my perspective) of one of polyamory's key benefits. Okay, so he doesn't provide eye-rolling sex. What he does provide is a very soft-spoken, even temperament. You know, a guy without those pesky little flaws such as BDP and PTSD? I guess if this were "The Year without a Santa Claus," he'd be the Snow Miser and I'd be the Heat Miser.

When we first hooked up as a V, we had a few tentative conversations about the possibility of threesomes. I don't suppose any of us would rule that out, but wow what a proposition. Personally, I think I'd be too self-conscious to be able to get it up, but I suppose I shouldn't knock it til I've tried it. It's just that we've become so comfortable with our routines ...

Hey Ry, what's the difference between a French freak out and a regular freak out? I have to ask, I'm a curious man.
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