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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post

Ariakas, I envy you your experience with relationships. Same for a lot of the rest of you -- you've done so much. I'm really naive and behind the curve in that respect. So I treasure the chance to learn from you, even if it's just words on a forum. Thank you all!
Thanks...I really don't find I am that experienced. I find myself thinking about your statement and thinking what I always think when people tell me how great my relationship life has been...I feel confused...I think with each new relationship comes a new dynamic, I am naive everytime I meet a new relationship (friend or lover). haha... my poly life at this point is a fail, my past...well is my past.

As to your story, kudos to you for making the changing moment to work with a hard situation. Drugs are a tough thing to break. I wish you continued strength and hope your son comes out clean
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