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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I don't. I don't have a strong sex drive and my sexual attraction isn't based on visual stimulation. It takes me a while to become attracted to someone, and I can't predict at first whether I eventually will or not.
Well, I probably overstated. I didn't quite mean it like, I see them, they are handsome, boom, I'm ready to go fuck.

Hm, I guess I am thinking of people from my late teens, and then people from OKC the former case, they'd be friends of friends, or classmates or chosen from a general pack of like minded people. So, I know we have some basis for shared interests. On OKC, I do spend hours talking to people online before meeting them. I am thinking of when I first met miss pixi and Ginger tho... It was pretty much, higly interested from their words, and, once I saw them in the flesh, boom! Wow. Yes, this is a person I want to be intimate with. Share space, share air, food, drink with them, and touch their bodies pretty darn soon.
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