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I did not read all the replies....but what you are talking about is a One Penis Policy, and yeah a lot of people see them as a no go. Let me tell you a story...I met a guy, poly like me, who I thought was pretty neat. we casually dated, then all met up to hang out (both married) my spouse found the wife very attractive. They started an only convo that got pretty hot when she expressed wanting to date him....but she couldn't because she was only allowed other women while her spouse could have opposite sex encounters. As the woman interested in her spouse, this turned me off. I thought him insecure and sexist....if he could have opposite sex partners, why couldn't she? Its one thing if the OPP was HER rule, but it was his and she only agreed to it to get SOME kind of poly with him. If youre going to be poly. Love, have sex with etc people, not genders. If youre uncomfortable with it, be mono and let her just have the freedom to have the sex she cant have with you (women). Just my two cents

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