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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
....These days, with the internet spanning the globe, there is an illusion that it's all about freedom of speech everywhere. In reality, most websites (such as this one) are PRIVATE PROPERTY that is being shared conditionally by the owner(s).

So - just because you live in a "free country" and have titular "freedom of speech", doesn't mean that you have the "right" to have a keg-party in my yard, and if you try to, I DO have the right to make you GTFO.
True. And at the same time the situation is more complex than a simple private property equals totalitarianism dynamic on the web. Many web forums intentionally cultivate various forms of democratic spirit and practice because they like to see themselves as a "community". But, of course, even actual real-life communities have police, rules, laws..., even democratic ones.

Many participants and moderators / administrators here at have intentionally cultivated a kind of spirit of community (and very informal democracy) here. And I see this as a good thing. In community, everyone's feet can -- when necessary -- be held to the fire -- whether formally or informally. I'm happy to have a spirit of informal community and democracy here. We don't have to literally vote on who moderates or performs administration. And that's well enough for me. But I do think we should continue with a spirit of accountability, so long as it doesn't require superhuman powers on the part of our generous volunteer cops.
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