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well for an update my husband told me she is too young and acts it. He said that he gets along so much better with me and there is really no interest and he found her to be rather boring. They didn't have much to talk about it as she just hasn't experienced as much as us.

Plus he told me how much he realizes we are best friends , how he actually missed me the whole time .

I respected his time with her and didn't call or text him. He said they really didn't have much to talk about and all he wanted was to text me and call me.

Krazykitty try not worry. I worried myself sick about it and then nothing even really happened. Remember nothing can replace YOU ever.

I think the best thing ever that I did was talk to someone here about it and get advice from other people. I read some great articles and in the mean time spent some time with myself and just loving me.

Everyone hear has such great advice . I love how I can come here and vent and then get all these great responses and advice from people who know the ropes.

Thank you so much everyone
~ "Kindness in thought leads to wisdom. Kindness in speech leads to eloquence. Kindness in action leads to love."
- Lao-Tsu
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