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Wow, thanks for all of that! Certainly helpful. Right now the idea for us - if we decide to co-habitate - is that I will stay in the big master suite and each of my guys will have a separate, private bedroom of their own. They won't have a private bathroom, except if they stay the night with me, in the master suite. Otherwise, there is a bathroom on each floor of the house - so 3 others to choose from. There is one directly across the hall from what would be my boyfriend's bedroom though.

My husband is already used to staying in the other bedroom, when I have sleepovers. He is amiable to keeping that one, especially since he has an early rise time and it gets the most light early in the morning. Other than that, both bedrooms are exactly the same size with just a tiny difference in the layout. Both have the same walk-in closet, carpeting, paint, etc.

I have never heard that saying, "First year forming, second year storming, third year norming." To be honest, I haven't had that experience with my other live-in relationships, but I will keep it in mind. Certainly I've only had two - my ex-husband who I was with for 12 years, and my current husband of 8 years - so I am by no means a pro at this! lol I will definitely keep it in mind.

How did you split the costs of living - evenly, like normal roommates? Or did you pay a specific rent, as you were moving into an already established household? We've been talking about how to do things and there really isn't a ton of guidance out there, that I have seen yet.

Did you have a lot of issues surrounding spillover noise from bedrooms? You mentioned you could hear your metamour outside your door during sex, that sounds awkward!
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