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@ FullofLove1052 ... mwah. And Krispy Kremes? Down under? Oh man, I have been officially badly influenced.

I think a key simplification that makes my live-in V possible is the lack of offspring. Shoot, I'm more comfortable around kids than I am around adults, but parenting would be sooo stressful. For me. Poly is complicated all by itself. I don't know how live-in poly-with-kids people manage to do it.

Re: neatness ... heh, love it, now if it just wasn't so darn much work.

@ SNeacail ... heh, I need to hang out with your circle of friends.

Re: mini fridge and toaster oven/microwave ... those are definitely nice perks and I'd never turn 'em down, but for a guy like me who could afford to lose 70 pounds anyway, it's almost better for me not to have the temptation. Plus one can technically say "no" to the tummy for many many hours, versus my bladder which is known to demand my attention every 20 minutes. Stupid bladder. It's not always as bad as that but you get the picture.

But yeah ... living together can be quite a challenge just for platonic roommates. Add to that a newbie poly dynamic, and wow, you can get enough sparks to start a bonfire.

Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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