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Thanks Magdlyn

This forum has been very helpful. It was helpful to read about others experiences and get advice from people. I think things are going to be okay and I'm just going to let things go in what feels like the natural direction.

I'm going to continue to live life as a monogamous husband. I did reconnect with my friend who is in a Poly relationship. She feels like I'm in a good place and she reinforced the fact that my previous triad was a very bad poly experience that i need to let go of. I think I have.

I'm going to a game convention in Vancouver WA this weekend (leaving Thursday to drive up) and I considered trying to look into something but actively looking just doesn't feel right at the moment. If something were to happen then I could let it but I'm just going to concentrate on enjoying myself with friends.

Cheers all, I'll be lurking around here and will let you all know about any further developments. It helps to talk these things out.
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