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Then I also wanted to write about Hank and rory.

Me and Hank are doing better than ever. I love him and I love living with him and I feel us getting closer and closer all the time. We both really appreciate each others presence in our lives and we've ironed out most of the things we had conflicts about after we moved in together. We're used to each others ways now. We work as a team. I feel like our relationship is in a really good and stable place.

Rory has been in bad places recently (I won't go into details - I'll let her talk about these things more if she feels like it) and that has affected me and our relationship as well. But I think she's starting to feel better which in turn has positive effects on our relationship. I feel protective over her and it hurts me so much when I see her hurting. Sometimes I don't even know how to deal with everything, her feelings and my feelings over her feelings. But when we get through rough patches like these, I feel like we're even stronger than before. If we can deal with bad times, stick together and help each other as much as we can, there's no stopping us. I love her so much and want to be there for her. And when I need it, I know she'll also be there for me.

I have my third anniversary with rory in three weeks and my first anniversary with Hank in five weeks. Rory is moving in with us in a few weeks. Things seem stable. I think this might work well. I feel positive about the future, so much love and caring going in all directions.
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