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Yeah, Boston is great.

Things are pretty terrific here at home too. As always, DarkKnight is my rock and my soulmate. He is pretty close to perfect. He's been growing a beard for a year - a yeard - and he shaved it off this weekend as he'd reached the time mark he needed to accomplish it. Freaked me right out, as I had gone out to a movie with PunkRockAwesomesauce and returned home to a completely different husband. It really shocked me - he looks much, much younger now. I knew he was going to do it, but the reality of it was not as I expected!

PunkRock was here at our house from Wednesday night until this evening. It was a rather long stayover, but one that has continued to foster the growth of our relationship. Wow, is he wonderful. DarkKnight and I carved out some alone time during the visit, and had some pretty powerful connections ourselves - he believes that PunkRock is a million times more serious, more well, awesomesauce, than anyone I have been with or dated, and is encouraging me to trust the relationship and trust my feelings for him.

This week has strengthened all of that, I think. At one point, DarkKnight and I had sex in the spare room, and even though PunkRock didn't overhear it, he had a good idea what was going on and he had a rather confused reaction to it. He told me he felt discounted, and we talked about it. I think I was more emotional than he was, after. I was really worried about him reacting negatively and ending our togetherness. Instead, he gave me a really heartfelt declaration of love and determination to make our relationship work for the long haul. It really brought me closer to believing this all is not some sort of insane, impossible dream of mine.

We talked more about co-habitation. DarkKnight is certainly on board with it. We have two empty bedrooms upstairs - one is the spare room where my husband has been staying whenever I have PunkRockAwesomesauce over, and the other has some seasonal storage and odds and ends in it. PunkRock looked things over, and we discussed more practical things, like his paint desk being located in the basement - so he has more than one private-ish area to retreat to in the house - and costs. Storage and safety of his firearms. Stuff like that. He has some issues at his current house - he lives with and is helping support his brother, so he is struggling with that at the moment. We are in no huge hurry to jump into living together, but we are talking about it. I've been reading a few threads about timing and logistics to get a feel how other poly people do things - hopefully avoid some pitfalls that others have experienced.

Honestly, this is the type of poly I have wanted since the beginning, so it is exciting to think about it happening. Emotionally, I think both PunkRock and myself are ready to do this. DarkKnight is very supportive. I thought he might tell me that we are moving too quickly, but he pointed out that I met him one weekend in Boston, went back to my home in NY, and then 2 weeks later, I was living with him in Houston, TX. We've since been inseparable. I am not one to move slow, he says. lol This is certainly the truth. PunkRock and I are nearing our 2 month mark, which comparatively is slow, I suppose. We will see how things progress. Right now PunkRock says he wants to focus on finding another job, which if he is moving out my direction, he wants to look for ones in my direction. Which sounds like, yeah, it makes sense. Right now he lives 2 hours away, which sucks all sorts of balls.

What else? Right now I am one huge mess of hormones. Apparently my body has decided to cause me to break out in pimples all over the place. My chest is all sorts of ick and I have a huge one on the end of my nose. I swear, it's like I am a teenager! I have some zit cream, but it always causes me to break out into a rash where ever I put it, and then takes forever to make the pimple disappear. So it looks worse than leaving things alone! Anyone have any tips? Besides reading Seventeen magazine, I mean! lol I've been wearing Tshirts instead of the V-necks I prefer, so no one can see the terrible truth about my stress level. At least, that's what I am assuming is going on. I always get a couple the week of my period - which just ended - but this is ridiculous. If things don't disappear quick, I am going to go to the doctor and hopefully get a pill or something. There are that many!
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