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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post
I usually interpret polyamory to mean romantic love. Friendship is a form of love, but then isn't everyone poly? Monogamous couples have friends, too.
Most people's (especially monogamists') friendships are limited in physical and emotional intimacy, affection, commitment, and priority. A lot of things (e.g. cuddling, sex, sharing a bed, traveling together, cohabitation, co-parenting) are reserved to romantic relationships. That's why there's the expression "just friends" but not "just romantic partners." Also, the meaning of "friend" is incredibly broad in English. A lot of so-called "friendships" involve no real emotional connections at all.

However, if a friendship is extremely intimate and as significant as a romantic relationship for both parties, I don't see why having multiple such friendships (or having one romantic relationship and one intimate friendship) isn't a form of poly. I used to not get this, but my non-romantic relationship with L made me realize non-romantic love can be as strong as romantic love, and it would be arbitrary to say it wasn't a significant loving relationship just because it's not romantic.

This blog post explained non-romantic poly more thoroughly (see the last section "aromantic poly"): http://thethinkingasexual.wordpress....-asexual-post/
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