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Default Married and polycurious

I am 31, female, living in central Florida, married to a man in a traditional monogamous marriage. No children (not for another year or two, at least), married for 4 years. I have been exploring and thinking about polyamory for some time now, but approaching it cautiously.

I read through Hoyam's recent post ( and it sounds like a situation I could foresee happening for myself, but would like to prevent if possible. My husband is not interested in polyamory though he may be willing to reluctantly allow me some sort of trial period/introduction to the lifestyle... but it could be disastrous, so I am trying to take the time to explore and really try to understand myself, my heart, and my desires. I would need to be prepared to accept consequences such as potential divorce, if I decided that I really wanted a poly lifestyle.

One of the things I hope to discover is whether I am really "poly" or not. I hope that reading various sites, blogs, and forum posts (as well as talking to polyamorous folks in a local meetup group) will help me determine if I really need or want to pursue polyamory. I have always tended to develop crushes while in committed relationships (not purely just an attraction), and I wonder what this means, if anything. I have never cheated in a relationship except for what you might call "emotional cheating," but I don't want to be deceitful. So I am trying to understand myself, my needs, and considering the possibility that maybe a polyamorous lifestyle would be a better fit for me.
Single, polycurious
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