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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post
Even a moderated forum has trouble, I suppose partly because moderators are making decisions based on text posts and they don't have all the social cues we get in face-to-face. The social control mechanism is a lot more artificial and less organic.
Back in the day, if a Sysop booted you, that was the final decision and crying about "oppression" or "censorship" was irrelevant.

These days, with the internet spanning the globe, there is an illusion that it's all about freedom of speech everywhere. In reality, most websites (such as this one) are PRIVATE PROPERTY that is being shared conditionally by the owner(s).

So - just because you live in a "free country" and have titular "freedom of speech", doesn't mean that you have the "right" to have a keg-party in my yard, and if you try to, I DO have the right to make you GTFO.

(that's the general "you" not "you" as in a particular individual on this forum)
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