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I've been back from Florida for 2 weeks now. I dont remember if I mentioned earlier that my first flight from Boston to West Palm Beach airport was delayed and finally cancelled, necessitating spending the night at the airport, after boarding 2 1/2 hrs late and then sitting on the runway for another 2 hours.

My back was already not feeling great after having had to shovel snow almost daily plus move half my furniture to the pod outside because of the flood.

So, after a few days in Fla, my back went way out and it's still healing. As a result I've been having to take it really easy. Well, after a winter of so much stress, sitting and reading a lot doesnt seem so bad. I've had to put a lot of my hobbies and outside interests on hold.

I am able to walk and have sex, I figure those are good for my back.

Ginger hasn't found another new gf yet, but he did go dancing last weekend and ended up dancing with 3 women at once. I know they all found it sexually exciting. One woman is his regular dance partner, one is a newer friend (they met last summer), one was a brand new friend and he friended her on FB when he got home. I've seen them all gushing about what a great time they had dancing with him and each other....

He has told me he wouldnt pursue anything more than dancing with any of them, as it might ruin the dancing.

I know he still goes to OKC regularly and chats up both men and women when someone seems interested or interesting. So I guess it's just a matter of time before he finds someone new... I don't think the lack of real success with Mischa or Buddhist had jaded him any.

miss p still chats with her subbie boy, let's call him Karl. They had a really fun date while I was away. He'd probably be happier having another date with me out of the house... I might arrange that.

I am so uninterested in dating... I have to remind myself why I used to enjoy it, to have compersion for miss pixi and Ginger chatting people up! I'm sure Ginger has it as a sort of hobby, he is interested in women, he just loves women and loves variety. I used to have that curiosity and lust too. I asked miss pixi why she keeps chatting up men other than Karl. She says she really just wants good friends, some people who will drop by anytime, like she used to have in her younger days.

So, anyway, they both love me and lust for me, spend time with me, take care of me and our house, have fun with me. What they do when they aren't focused on me is really none of my business. It's not a threat, just a complication. I hope I can be more graceful if/when Ginger finds a new gf.

The other day, I did 5 star a guy on okc who seemed nice, looked cute, and was poly. Just to keep up with miss pixi and Ginger! lol. He hasnt responded though. Then, the day after that, a guy I apparently chatted with on yim a few years ago emailed me to reconnect. I didn't remember him! He seemed hurt. Even when he sent me a couple pix, I didn't recall him. He says he is married, not open "yet" but has rekindled some kind of relationship with "an old flame." So, almost cheating and now looking to get with me too? No wonder I didn't remember him.
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