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I really wish it WAS that easy. Not only do Curls and I have absolutely backward schedules from each other, they are almost perfectly so. In the very rare instance that I get off work on time, I can drive home as fast as I can and if I hit every light green, then I will make it home JUST in time to see Curls driving down our street and off to her job. It's a general annoyance that I know will be corrected one day, but for right now it's really an enormous pain in the ass. I get by with telling myself that it's only temporary, and that in a couple years I will be working days again and everything will be back to the way it used to be. I make it sound a lot worse than it is, though. Aside from that little hiccup where Curls got upset, we have grown desensitized to the differences in our schedules.

I've rearranged my days off this weekend and we are going to a St. Patrick's day swinger house party tomorrow night. This will be the first event of this nature that Freckles has accompanied us along to. She's excited but nervous about it. For as experimental and free spirited as Freckles is, I'm only the third guy she has ever had sex with. The concept of a party that is filled with casual sex is something that she is happy to go do, but she is glad we are going to be there as her safety net. Curls and I have both given her a lot of reassurance that we know more than half the people that are planning on being at the party, and some of them are good friends. She understands that nobody is going to really push her toward anything she doesn't want. And hell... I've told her that the guy who is hosting the party has an Xbox, and if it's what it will take to make her happy, her and I will spend the whole damn night playing video games. I'm down with that.

I don't think we will, though. I think she will have a blast.
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