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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Could be a sign of non-polys having a hard time wrapping their minds around the concept of "plain old vanilla poly." Perhaps in order to do so, they have to coin a special word for that. (Bopo.)
...or it could be an attempt to marginalize the lifestyle...

I've read several things by religious conservative bloggers that are more or less attacking the lifestyle and calling it a 'slippery slope' drawing the same parallels they did about homosexuality (because poly can TOTALLY lead to bestiality!).

But in many cases I sense an undertone of jealousy. That's right! Jealous. In the case of someone saying 'bopo' or making it seem like all polyamorous people are hardcore kinksters - or in the religious right's case to make it seem 'evil' - I think they are simply trying to convince themselves that poly is bad bad bad.

In reality, the idea probably resonates with them and they are jealous that they lack to courage to try it or are frustrated because they lack the social freedom to try it. It's like the parable of the fox and the sour grapes. I can't even taste polyamory so it probably sucks anyways! They're all evil/sinners/freaks/deviants!

Anyways, I tend to think of the detractors of polyamory as allies in disguise. They are spreading the idea further and wider. Some of their readers will nod sagely and agree without a further thought. Yup, polygamy is bad. I'm a good Christian/Muslim/Jew so that's bad, next story. But, inevitably, those negative articles will spurn interest and pique curiosity in some and lead them to look for other poly resources. After all, the internet is a big place!
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