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Question More descriptive terms for metamours

Hi all,

I was wondering whether any of you have discovered/invented other ways to describe or name the relationships you have with your metamours? 'Metamour' seems to be a very functional term to me - it describes the position of both parties in a relationship, but doesn't really say anything about what kind of relationship you have with each other. Daedalea and I have been talking about this, because we all signed up to FetLife recently and there simply isn't a category for for us (they don't even use metamour over there). So she and Astraeus can describe themselves as being polyamorous with each other, but there's no way for she and I to indicate the special relationship we have with each other.

To clarify, we have a deep, loving, adventurous and at times hilarious friendship with each other that is based not only on our mutual love for Astraeus but also on the fact that we have a lot in common anyway (we probably would have become friends even if there hadn't been anything with Astraeus). The other day we described it as a sort of combination of friendship and sisterhood, which made us think of sister-wives (without the religious connotations). I think we are pretty much everything just short of being in a triad, really. Up till now she's been describing me as her sweetie's wife with whom she gets on very well, and I've been calling her my husband's sweetie who I love dearly too, but we'd like something a bit simpler, naturally :P

Any thoughts, ideas or own inventions?

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