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Default This is what we have been searching for...

Hi, We are Betsy and Jason a Christian-Poly married couple from MI. We have been together for 5 years and are very much in love. We have had a poly relationship with another female. We are interested in meeting other poly people as friends and more. We are specifically interested in meeting other married couples who share our beliefs and are looking to share love and intamacy. I (Betsy) am specifically looking for open comfortable experienced bi wives as well as their sexy faithful husbands. To often we run into swingers who don't understand what we're after. We share a very unique love for eachother and Christ and can't wait to share it. Currently we share a 2 person inclusive marriage; bi female 24 hetero male 33. We are hopeful and open to expanding. We are open to discussing our beliefs in a non hostile manner. We are non denominational. We support LGBTQ and all races and ethnic backgrounds. Thank you for everything you are doing. We look forward to meeting you. God Bless

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