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Originally Posted by hellokitty View Post
But to her I am the one hurting it by not "just giving in" to "this one thing".. but will it ever just be this "one thing"?? It.
I can tell you that it will always be "just one more thing." I have experienced it first hand. I was part of a budding triad. Seemed fantastic initially. But for reasons no one could ever ascertain, the wife suddenly became insecure and jealous. In an effort to give her time, over the course of several months, she "one more thinged" us to the point that her husband and I could not have even a semblance of a romantic relationship. NOTHING ever quelled her insecurities.

Finally at one point, the husband said to her that she would eventually disallow us from even having a friendship. She looked incredulous. Why would she ever do that? In just a few months, she did though.
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