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Default Kodiak

Lots of change.

We found out on March 6th that Maca's job needs him to go back to Kodiak (May-Dec). He told them point blank, the only way he would do that is if they paid for an apartment for the family and transportation costs to go down and return (once) (including dog). They agreed.

SO-we catch the ferry May 21st. None of us (including him) is THRILLED. But-

GG made the decision to give up his position with the school district and accept a day shift (wtf?) for 1/2 the pay (wtf) with the district (vs leaving the district altogether). He has some weird loyalty to them-even though they treat him like crap and he thinks that they suck to the point he adamantly flips his lid considering the kids going to school there...

With that choice of GG's we can't cover expenses unless Maca is working full time. In Kodiak he will be working 50 hours a week, but not be an hour away (like he is here). So he won't be gone MORE, he will be gone the same amount of time a week, but get paid for an extra 10 hours a week. All over time pay.

THEN-GG mouthed off "well if you guys are going to be gone anyway, maybe I will just keep my job". I checked out of the conversation at that point. I am so done with his loyalty to a job that treats him like pissed in dirt, that I can't even talk about it coherently.

In the meantime, Sweet Pea will be going back and forth, because he's old enough to travel without an adult. Sour Pea and I are going to Disneyland with a friend over the summer.

I'm not excited about Kodiak. I am just focusing on continuing to do my classes and work towards finishing my bachelors so I can apply to graduate schools.

Nothing is happening with GG and I. We met a few times for a weekly date, but he's still off in his own little world and I can't break through. I don't see that resolving itself with me gone. I see it getting worse. By the time I am here again, it will have been 2 years of disconnect...
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