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Originally Posted by Tiberius View Post
Not sure I like the bit that says, "...they are the most conventional members of the “poly” sub-culture, a group that includes everything from orgy-obsessed swingers to S&M enthusiasts...."

Makes us sound like we're all into weird fetishes or something. I mean, sure, some of us are, but it's hardly a defining feature.
I agree to some extent. I have no urge to "hide" the kinkster portion of the community, but putting them at both ends makes it sound like they cover the whole spectrum, when there are definitely vanilla people as well. It makes poly people seem "weirder", less average, and poly itself seem like a kink. I think the phrasing is not ideal, even including both those group in the sentence it would have been possible to also mention people who are more "average" as well.
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