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So we had our powwow via Google Hangouts. I was amused by the fact that Xena was on her own laptop, in another room, while Chops was in the living room, and I finally had to say, "GO SIT TOGETHER! This is weird!" She was happy to, since the hookah was in the living room. Heh.

Besides, it made it MUCH easier to talk when GHangouts wasn't flip-flopping between cameras. Ugh. My eyes.

So after playing around with Google's goofy visual effects (Chops is absolutely adorkable with a virtual pirate hat and monocle over chat - "Captain Peanut"), we got to the point(s) and had a damn short convo.

Safer sex talk is pretty much done. We summarized what we're agreeing to, so we're all on the same page. There was more discussion regarding how there are no prospects to actually use that on the horizon, and I finally felt my work personality come out and go, "Okay, regardless of whether or not it's going to come into play any time soon, it's good to actually get this out of the way, no?" I'm all for disclosure, but I'm more for being to the point.

As for the podcast thingie, Xena made it clear that the intended audience is "in the lifestyle" (swinging) and this isn't an "educate everyone about poly or our relationship" thing, but more of a friend asking "what is poly to you and how do you do it". Now that Xena knows my responses to some of the sample questions, if the interview goes that way, she'll know what to say, but I came out of the discussion with the impression that I was making far more of it than it really was, and MY answers to the proposed questions were way more than what they were looking for.


Chops wanted to be involved, and that makes me feel happier. I guess I'm just annoyed with the whole "Showtime Polyamory" thing and think any interview worth its salt is going to delve a smidge into the realities of our relationship and how it isn't all unicorn farts and skittles - that there's real work, but it's worth it... but maybe it's just a rah-rah puff piece. With Chops there, and with my answers heard by Xena, I at least feel that my POV won't be misrepresented, if it ever gets discussed.

I am most definitely interested in hearing it when it gets posted online, and I'll toss a link to the board, as well, if it's more than, say, a 10-second acknowledgment that poly exists.

We didn't really have anything else to talk about, so the conversation ended quickly. I spent the rest of the night trolling my DVR for footage of the kids on Monday's Today Show (damned thing ran out of space about 5 minutes before the kids were interviewed - ARGH!). I did manage to find a few seconds of footage where the camera panned past the screaming group of girls, so I pulled that off, trimmed it up on the PC, and shared it with friends.

All in all, not a bad night. Tonight? LAUNDRY! WOO! I am SUCH a badass...
And maybe finding a nearby theater that's showing "The Wind Rises" before they drop it from theaters.

Have a great day, all!
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