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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
If rich people must be at the vanguard of the "poly movement," then so be it, I say. I quite like the good-looking polish it puts on our image for the rest of the world to see. Let "trailer park polys" be showcased later, after poly gains some general acceptance.

My V is far from rich but I admit we don't have kids either so I don't know how easily we'd handle that (financially). It does make sense to say that two adults working with one adult at home would eliminate the need for daycare and whatnot, so that's one cost offset.

Good article Alan; thanks for posting it.
There was a case of a "poly" couple losing their temper and murdering their third in NYC I believe. Here it is.

So there are some examples of lower-class people in the lifestyle hitting the news.

I think that one reason you typically see more affluent and educated people in the poly lifestyle is because the lifestyle requires very good emotional intelligence, impulse control, and communication skills. All three of those categories are positively correlated with income and education.

Originally Posted by Tiberius View Post
Not sure I like the bit that says, "...they are the most conventional members of the “poly” sub-culture, a group that includes everything from orgy-obsessed swingers to S&M enthusiasts...."

Makes us sound like we're all into weird fetishes or something. I mean, sure, some of us are, but it's hardly a defining feature.
I have thought about that paradox. Here's the thing; people in alternative lifestyles have less inhibitions about being seen in public. Kinksters have group munches and other outtings. After all, BDSM is less new than polyamory in the public zeitgeist. Even with the release of such books as 50 Shades and the intense interest generated, academics and kinksters alike are trying hard to legitimize BDSM.

What I'm saying is that kinky and poly people are probably serving as a good inroad into the poly world. There are far fewer poly meetups and munches and many poly people are very private and/or not advertising. So you average investigative journalist will probably stumble into the BDSM scene before the poly scene, largely because there really isn't a poly scene in most places.
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