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Originally Posted by Smiles View Post
I just don't understand why they/he wants everybody to believe they are still married...its been three years.
My ex did that, and it gets a bit annoying when I find myself still telling people (who are surprised!) that no, we've been divorced now for over two years.

Not sure why, except maybe he doesn't feel like there's been a good way/time to bring it up in conversation? My ex doesn't really like to talk with people, so telling them something that would just invite more conversation would probably be more trouble than it's worth for him. I just keep telling people when they say "I saw your husband at..." and let it dribble on out over the grapevine from there. We are fairly civil/friendly to each other (and I still get along well with his family), so it does add to the illusion, I guess, when we're at the kids' school functions and the like.

Ah well. The news does get out eventually, although there'll be one or two stragglers who'll be surprised years down the road, I'm sure.
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