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Hugs - Sorry about your family member

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
If I had money and did not need to work, then I would just putz around, learn various metalworking arts, rescue pets, appreciate art and generally do not much of anything. None of those things is something I can make money at.
I love to sew and do woodworking, BUT... if I had to do it to earn a living, I would grow to hate and resent it. Find a place to do those things on a regular basis, but as a hobby. Ren faires are a good place to set up a blacksmith display. Some set up a booth for money, but most of my blacksmith friends, are generally part of a larger group (with more than one focus) and they educate and display to patrons, right along side the woodworkers, soldiers and fiber arts people. Most of them sell just enough stuff to buy more metal to play with. If there is a "Best Friends" animal shelter near you, it's a great place to volunteer and play with the critters. A friend of mine drives a group of us to Utah, a couple times a year so we can volunteer (even me, who is NOT a huge critter person).

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