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Back to Dan Savage for a minute. 2 things:

Much of the gay community is anti-poly. Gay men seem to think one committed couple, both having NSA sex on the side (or sex-only 3somes) is OK, but actual feelings/love between outside sex partners is not OK. Men struggle to identify, express and work through feelings.

Many lesbians are extremely couple-centric. Younger ones may play around on the side, but rarely seem to be actually polyAMORous.

As far as Savage saying he's never been invited to a 5 year poly relationship anniversary, what does that even mean? A triad's or quad's anniversary?

My bf Ginger has been with his wife for 25 years and it's always been an open relationship. He's poly, she's free to date too, but has no interest, so it's basically a mono/poly relationship.

My gf miss pixi and I have been together 5 years and we have both had multiple partners over the years.

Ginger, pixi and I are pretty happy with the way we do relationships (we have our speedbumps, but work them out). But in contrast, when I was with my ex h for 30 years, monogamously, that may look like a success Dan Savage would approve of. However, we had more problems communicating than you could shake a stick at, despite having seen 3 or 4 therapists together and separately over the years.
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